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Kick the Midweek Blues to the Curb!


Water-To-Go Wednesday: Kick the Midweek Blues to the Curb in 2020

January can drag on for what feels like forever—and Wednesday’s seem to cause a major case of the midweek blues. Close to the weekend, but not close enough. The Water-To-Go team has some great ideas to get active, change your mindset, and power through the rest of your week on every Wednesday in 2020!

Get Outside. It may be cold in the North, or 70 degrees in the south; but wherever you are, get outside for 30 minutes! You can walk, run, bike or roller skate— but whatever you do, in any kind of weather, get outside and get your blood pumping. It will help get you hyped up for the rest of your week and give you some time to unwind from your day. The best part? We have a bottle for that! Check out the Active bottle for all your exercise activities. Find a pretty spot to snap a pic and tag us on Facebook & Instagram with the tag, #WaterToGoWednesday!


Take a Dance Break. Sometimes, we need to let loose to let go of daily stress. On a break or at lunch, in the car to work or on your journey home, put on some good music and let loose. Let the endorphins work through your system to lighten your mood and help you focus on what’s ahead! Don’t forget to grab a GO bottle to keep you hydrated throughout your day!

Make a List, Make some goals! Take a few moments out of your day to sit down and think about things you want to accomplish for the rest of your day, and then your week. Writing things out helps to establish your priorities and serves a gentle reminder to kick into gear and make things happen! Once you get comfortable, really start digging into goals for the month or the year, so that you can take the necessary steps overtime to reach them. Progress, not perfection! We know one of our goals this year is to drink more water & reduce our plastic waste!

Conquer the hardest tasks first. Get the hard stuff out of the way first! Come in determined and work through the tedious, time consuming, or difficult tasks you need to complete that day so that you can breeze through your afternoon. Knock it all out, and then reward yourself with a lunch out or a new Water-To-Go bottle!

Start Planning Your Weekend. Time always flies faster when you have something to look forward to! Start making plans for your next weekend adventure early in the week. Just imagining being somewhere else doing something fun can provide an instant mental holiday to encourage you to finish the week strong. Whether it’s trekking up a mountain, going to the dog park, or doing laundry; take some time to relax and rejuvenate. Make sure to have fun, too! Don’t forget to take a picture of your weekend plans with your Water-To-Go bottle and tag us on Monday to be showcased in #ModelYourBottleMonday!

Join the Water-To-Go team in powering through the rest of the week, and making 2020 the best productivity year yet!

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