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Does your business share our values and aims to adopt best and sustainable practices to combat plastic pollution?
We provide a simple solution for your staff and clients to ensure they can drink safe water anywhere in the world without the need for single-use plastic.

So, what is the solution?

Water-to-Go currently works in partnership with hundreds of businesses globally aiming to reduce their plastic footprint across a broad spectrum of industry sectors such as travel, charity, health and fitness, and many others. They provide their staff and/or customers with our reusable 50cl/18oz or 75cl /26 oz water bottles and filter that removes up to 99.9999% of all microbiological contaminants as well as heavy metals and chemicals from any non-salt water source. Any non-saltwater source includes taps, rivers, watering holes, and unfiltered water. Furthermore, the reusable Water-to-Go bottles means you will be helping your staff and customers travel responsibly to help reduce their plastic footprint as well as saving them money on the purchase of single-use plastic bottles of water.

Matched with improving your sustainability credentials, Water-to-Go will ensure your customers are kept safe and travel responsibly while taking the time to enjoy their regular day, adventure or free time without the need for single-use plastic.

Partnership benefits:

  • Adopt best practice and reduce your business and customer plastic footprint
  • Improves your sustainability credentials
  • Promote your brand and add your logo to our bottles (Orders over 250 units)
  • The opportunity to share a discount off our web store prices, split between a discount to your clients and donation to a charity, worthy cause or organization
  • A customized landing page to suit your needs featuring your logos, company video and message. 

If you would like to create a meaningful partnership with us, please send an email to and we will send you the options available for you.

As Recommended by leading Travel Companies

Travel Companies

Water-to-Go North America is working with several leading companies in the area of reducing their carbon footprint, and ensuring that their clients travel responsibly and safely. Water-to-Go offers a brandable reusable filter water bottle which will ensure your clients have no need to contribute to the blight caused by single-use plastic water bottles, also filtering out harmful contaminants. In short, Water-to-Go can help you fulfill your role as a responsible tour operator.

Belize Tourism Board

The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is committed to sustainable tourism and considers sustainability as the future of travel. BTB partnered with Water-to-Go at Experience Latin America conference in June 2018 with a BTB branded WTG bottle to promote best practice amongst all delegates. We were very happy with the product, its ability to reduce plastic pollution and provide safe drinking water for anybody on the move. WTG also sparks further dialogue within the travel industry to help us continue to develop best practice across the breadth of sustainability.

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