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Are You Spring Break Ready?!

Are You Spring Break Ready?!



Here at Water-To-Go, we are always ready for an adventure. Thanks to our bottles, you can always be up for anything!

Spring Break is a great time to get out and explore. Don’t have any ideas on how to spend your time? Let us give you some suggestions! Water-To-Go bottles are ready for anything.


  1. Hit the road, Jack! Take your bottle on a cross country road-trip with some of your best pals and take in the sights where you haven’t before. Maybe just a day trip, or even a week! A couple of bottles in the console means fewer stops at convenient stores and more ways to keep hydrated. We bet you and a GO! Bottle would look really cool on Instagram in front of some cool rock formations or comical billboards. Take pictures of your adventure so we can show you off to the world! #modelyourwtgbottle     
  2. Craving some sunshine? Hit the beach! Whether you are in the Caribbean or the Gulf Coast, a Water-To-Go bottle is the perfect companion for catching some rays. Throw an Active bottle in your beach bag to have water on hand to keep hydrated while working on your tan—be careful not to burn!   
  3. Opting outside? Nature walks and mountain hikes are always a good idea for a break. Sometimes after being cooped up inside working or going to school, you need to get back in touch with nature. Bring on the rivers and streams! Some gorgeous views, a breath of fresh air, and your bottle is all you need for an instant refresh—and some insta-worthy photos, of course.
  4. Antiques, anyone? Spring Break is a great time to have some retail therapy! Take some pals and visit some boutiques, antique shops or flea markets to find some killer deals on your next statement piece or your next DIY project. Don’t forget to pack lots of water on your journey, many people can walk over 10,000 steps shopping the day away, so make sure to drink your water, especially when you are in the sun! Take an Active bottle on your shopping trip to meet your water and step goals for the day!
  5. Staycation time! Sometimes, we don’t want to go anywhere! Enjoy some time at home to melt away stress and catch up on some sleep. Make a big brunch before starting to do some spring cleaning or committing to a much-needed TV Binge. Or, give yourself a wonderful at-home spa treatment. Hydrate your skin and your body! Whether you decide to unload your shelves or unload your stress, you deserve some self-care!
  6. Go to the movies, the park, and more! Let’s be real, movie theatre and amusement park waters can be crazy expensive and made with single-use plastics. Save a couple of bucks to use for some good snacks and fill up your water bottle at home to take with you on all your adventures for spring break! If you are looking for some rollercoaster thrills or to catch the latest movie, don’t forget to bring your perfect hydration companion.


We hope that whatever you choose to do, you have FUN! Enjoy winding down or taking your next adventure.

By taking a Water-To-Go bottle with you, you get to save money and reduce plastic waste giving you a few more dollars in your pocket while contributing to saving our planet!

Show us your adventures along the way and tag us on Instagram and Facebook.

Happy Spring from all of us at Water-To-Go!

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