Proven In The Field

Water-to-Go has been proven by hardcore adventurers in some of the world’s toughest environments. 

Ash Dykes

Ash Dykes is an extreme athlete and adventurer who has traveled all over the world with his trusted Water-to-Go on many different expeditions. Ash is the first person to hike the entire length of the (highly polluted) Yangtze River, using Water-to-Go to provide drinking water along the trek

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Holly Budge

Holly Budge is an adventurer and conservationist who has travelled all over the world and recently summited Mount Everest. She has relied on her Water-to-Go bottle to keep her hydrated wherever she is on her adventures as she plans future projects in China, New Zealand and the USA.

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Jordan Wylie

Jordan Wylie is an extreme adventurer who completed an expedition called ‘Running Dangerously’ which saw him run through three of the most dangerous countries in the world for charity and used a Water-to-Go bottle throughout his adventure to stay well hydrated.

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Chaz Powell

Chaz Powell is UK adventurer and expedition leader who has 15 years of remote travel and expedition experience, completing a lot of long-distance treks all over the world. Chaz plans to do more African based trekking adventures in the future and his Water-to-Go will be there every step of the way to keep him safe and hydrated. He has just completed his most recent expedition with his photographer Tim Roberts and they have now become the first people in known history to walk the length of the Gambia River from source to sea.

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