Our Story: A Better Bottle for a Better World

Our Mission

We envision a world where everyone has access to clean drinking water, free of single use plastics. 

  • Depending on filter size, each Water-to-Go water purification filter is able to replace 260 or 400 single-use plastic water bottles.
  • They ensure you have access to safe water anywhere in the world without ever having to buy environmentally damaging bottled water.
  • Our water purifier filter bottles deliver safe, clean drinking water for pennies per gallon.
  • The filter membrane is biodegradable and the shrouds are recyclable. 

A Brief History

Before Water-to-Go, Dave Shanks was on the leadership team for a textiles company that manufactured and distributed clothing brands across the world. Dave made frequent trips to India, Indonesia and China and was aghast to see ever growing mountains of plastic waste whenever he visited an industrial area. A large contributor to the problem was discarded single-use water bottles.

Realizing that advanced filtration technology could provide clean healthy water and also reduce the environmental damage of single use plastics, Dave established the Water-to-Go brand and business in 2010. Combining three different technologies, the Water-to-Go nanotechnology filter was perfect for hiking, camping, travel and emergency preparedness.  The water purification filter eliminates up to 99.9999% of water contaminants and have been proven by lab tests at four different labs on four continents. (see testing).

The company has continued to grow year on year and in a very short time, has not only added distributors and retailers across the world and fostered partnerships with a large number of campaigning charities that share Water-to-Go’s mission.

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