Classic Water Purifier Bottle – 26oz/75cl – Blue


Classic Water Purifier Bottle – 26oz/75cl – BlueClassic Water Purifier Bottle – 26oz/75cl – Blue
Dimensions for Water to Go Classic (blue) water filter bottleWater to Go water filter bottle transforms dirty water clean waterWater to Go 26oz (75cl) Classic water filter bottle replaces 400 single use plastic bottlesWater to Go water filter bottle removes viruses, bacteria, parasites, chemicals, heavy metals and microplasticsClassic family of bottles, arrange in triangle formationWater to Go water filter bottles are easy to use. Fill, replace lid, drink.

Classic Water Purifier Bottle – 26oz/75cl – Blue


Water Filter Bottle for Hiking Camping Backpacking Travel and Survival - 26oz/75cl - Jungle Camp
  • EXTREME PROTECTION. Removes up to 99.9999% of contaminants that can make you sick including bacteria, parasites like giardia, viruses like Hepatitis A, pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals like lead and microplastics.
  • PURIFY WATER ANYWHERE. Drink safely from lakes, rivers and from taps with unhealthy water. No more worrying about running out of water or getting sick from unfamiliar water sources.
  • SIMPLE AND FAST WATER FILTRATION: Just scoop, replace lid and drink. Pure water in seconds. No waiting. The bottle filters water as you drink.
  • GREAT FOR HIKING, CAMPING AND BACKPACKING. More water with less weight. Never worry about running our of water. Tall slender designed fits neatly in backpack pockets. A great camp water filter that does not require chemicals, pumping, plunging or UV light and batteries.

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Our patented 3-in-1 filter
BPA-free, FDA-approved materials
New leak-proof flip-top lid
Recyclable bottle and filter shroud
Compostable filter
Additional Info
  • PROVEN IN THE LAB: tested against international standards by four different labs on four continents. All validated Water-to-Go water purifier filter bottles remove up to 99.9999% of dangerous water contaminants. 
  • PROVEN IN THE FIELD: Water-to-Go is the water purifier filter bottle of choice for world-class endurance athletes and adventurers. In the toughest environments, they trust Water-to-Go to deliver pure drinking water. 
  • COMPLETE PROTECTION: protects you from all the nasty things in water that can make you sick. The unique patented 3-in-1 filter technology removes up to 99.9999% of all contaminants (bacteria, viruses, parasites, pathogens, metals and chemicals like chlorine, fluoride, lead and microplastics) from any freshwater source. It purifies and filters water while you drink with no need for plunging, iodine, chemicals, or batteries. 
  • PROTECTS YOU AND PROTECTS THE PLANET: one Water-to-Go 75cl/26 oz filter is equivalent to 400 single use plastic bottles of water. Our reusable and BPA free filtered water bottles ensure you have access to safe water anywhere in the world without buying environmentally damaging bottled water. 
  • LONG-LASTING FILTER: Each of the replaceable filters provides 50+ gallons of clean water (roughly every 3 months)
  • LOWEST COST WATER FILTRATION: Water-to-Go water filter bottles provide the highest level of protection at the lowest cost per fluid ounce.
  • NON-TOXIC AND ECO-FRIENDLY CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS: All materials used to make Water-to-Go products are BPA free & FDA approved.

The filter works instantly to protect against bacteria, parasites and microplastics,  reduces chemicals like chlorine and improves water taste.

The three technologies used in a Water-to-Go filter are:

  • Mechanical filtration; a very small pore size which stops contaminants passing through.
  • Electrical (by a positive charge) which reduces the pore size even further and attracts contaminants like a magnet, trapping them inside the filter.
  • Activated carbon -our filters use activated carbon without using adhesives that would vastly reduce the carbon’s efficiency. Instead, the activated carbon is contained within the filter membrane itself. This technique helps further reduce the contaminants while also eliminating bad tastes and odors.

The filter is an ideal deal for hiking, camping, international travel and emergencies, it allows you to take any non-salt water from a stream, river, or tap and filter it instantly.  Once the filter is activated and your bottle is full you are ready to drink, no need to remove the lid and filter until you’re ready to fill your bottle again.



verified ownerverified owner

We love our Water-to-Go bottles! We just returned from Mexico and filled them up from a variety of bathroom sinks with no issues! This is the best travel water purifier available. Can’t wait to continue using it to drink clean water around the world.

10 months ago
Including Hepatitis A, Rotavirus, Noravirus
Including E.Coli, Cholera
Protozoan Parasites
Including Giardia, Cryptosporidium
Chemicals & Pesticides
Including PFAS, Chlorine
Including microplastics and sediment
Heavy Metals
Including Lead, Mercury, Chromium

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