Purify drinking water in seconds.

Reusable water filter bottles for hiking, camping, travel, and survival in emergencies.
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What our filters remove

Extreme Protection Proven by Extreme Adventurers. Water-to-Go’s unique 3-in-1 filter offers extreme protection from water-borne illness. The filter removes up to 99.9999% of illness-causing contaminants, including those as small as a virus. If there is a danger in water that could make you sick, we likely remove it. Water-to-Go has been proven in independent lab tests and by extreme adventurers who trust Water-to-Go on extreme adventures worldwide.
Including Hepatitis A, Rotavirus, Noravirus
Including E.Coli, Cholera
Protozoan Parasites
Including Giardia, Cryptosporidium
Chemicals & Pesticides
Including PFAS, Chlorine
Including Microplastics & Sediment
Heavy Metals
Including Lead, Mercury, Chromium

Different Bottles for Different Adventures

We designed three different bottle types to match your different adventures. They come in a variety of colors.
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Designed for toughness and durability. A great travel water bottle or outdoor water bottle for hiking, camping, and backpacking


Designed for athletes and athletic lifestyles. This sports water bottle is perfect for cyclists, mountain bikers and bikepackers


Designed to fit in small places like hand bags, gym bags and small hands. The perfect kids water bottle.


Save money instead of buying bottle and extra replacement filters separately

Don’t just take our word for it.

There are 500,000 happy outdoor adventurers around the world using Water To Go bottles

For a portable travel water filter, the Water-to-Go bottle can do more than the rest. Most filter bottles for travelling only remove pathogens like bacteria and protozoa, and some can’t even remove viruses. The Water to Go filtered water bottle, on the other hand, has been tested to remove a variety of microbiological organisms and heavy metals and chlorine, thanks to its unique filter design.

Water Filter Guru

The aspect of these filters that I like over the LifeStraw and the Sawyer Mini is their ability to filter out viruses. Typically filters that effectively filter out viruses are quite a bit more expensive, and I genuinely believe that the Water-To-Go filters offer a lot of water security at a great value

verified ownerverified owner

We love our Water-to-Go bottles! We just returned from Mexico and filled them up from a variety of bathroom sinks with no issues! This is the best travel water purifier available. Can’t wait to continue using it to drink clean water around the world.

1 week ago
Calvin R. Breeden
verified ownerverified owner

Handy and easy to use.

3 weeks ago
Nichole A.
verified ownerverified owner

I was very happy with this bottle. It works WAY better than the more expensive Grayl bottles.

3 weeks ago
Steve Nagy
verified ownerverified owner
4 weeks ago
Steve Nagy
verified ownerverified owner

This is a fantastic bottle for the back country sports person. Convenient and easy to use and works without having to connect tubes, filters, or bags. Fill it and drink, it is that easy.

4 weeks ago

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