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Save Money & Reduce Plastic Waste

Save Money & Reduce Plastic Waste – Take Water-To-Go With You!


We all know the feeling; you are hot and tired, running through the airport, and realize how thirsty you are. You have 8 minutes until you board and want some water to take on the run. Everywhere you look, it’s a big plastic bottle of water that is going to cost you about $6. For Water! That’s where your Water-To-Go bottle comes in. Great for travel and making that airport water fountain’s questionable taste disappear, it’s time you updated your travel essentials.


An empty GO! Bottle or a Water-To-Go active bottle is an easy way to combat plastic waste and a great way to be more economical with your travel expenses! Nowadays, water prices in airports and event spaces have skyrocketed; but many places are also trying to lower their plastic waste. As the world continues to move forward with green initiatives, we are finding many places that encourage the use of reusable water bottles. We think we have the perfect one for you and your entire family! Not only will you be combatting plastic waste, but no matter where you go, you will always have high quality, clean water, to keep you hydrated on all your daily adventures.


Some Places YOU should be taking your Water-To-Go bottle this year:



  • As discussed by (, sporting events are to blame for hundreds of thousands of single-use plastic bottles being put into landfills each year. Our suggestion? Combat the high prices, and the heat, and bring in an empty Water-To-Go bottle to your favorite sporting events.


  • Movies are another place to remember to bring your bottle! We all know how expensive snacks can get, and everyone needs some water when you are eating popcorn! Movie theatres are also starting to install water bottle fill stations, and always have drinking fountains that you can use. Fill your bottle there and save enough money to upgrade your popcorn!


  • Taking a family outing to the theme park nearby? You bet you are going to need lots of water to keep the family hydrated during your day of fun. Most theme parks have water fountains all around so that you can bring your own bottle and avoid the steep prices of water in the food court. Just remember, glass isn’t allowed, so you better bring one of our Water-To-Go bottles that will keep up with you all day long!


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