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Useful Items to have around the House during Stay Home, Stay Safe


Useful Items to have around the house when you are Staying at Home avoiding the Coronavirus outbreak

In these difficult times, it can be a real challenge having to stay home and self-isolate during this COVID-19 outbreak. However, it’s important to follow government advice on the outbreak so that we can all do our bit to help protect and ultimately save lives. As this can be difficult, we’ve created a list of a few products and services that can help you during self-isolation, whether it’s avoiding unnecessary contact or keeping yourself entertained. For up-to-date information on the coronavirus outbreak please visit the CDC website.


Avoid Unnecessary Contact

In recent weeks the government has asked everyone to stay home and self-isolate as much as possible, only allowing essential journeys out of the house along with your exercise once a day. This is due to the continued spread and each time you go outside it could put you at risk, especially if you are going to places with high concentrations of people. One of the most commonly visited places will be supermarkets as everyone will have grocery shopping as one of their essential journeys, meaning supermarkets are one of the places you are most likely to run into contact with others. As a result, we have put together a few items and services that can be used as alternatives to having to visit the supermarkets, avoiding putting yourself and your loved ones at further risk.


Reusable Water Filter Bottle during your daily exercise

Another time you may be tempted to go to the shops is during your daily exercise. Whether you’re going cycling, for a jog, or another form of exercise, you may be tempted to pop into the shops for a bottle of water. This is certainly a trip to the shops you can avoid by simply getting yourself a reusable water bottle and filling up before you leave the house. Plus, by getting yourself a Water-to-Go filter bottle you’ll be able to take advantage of the bottle’s 3-in1 filtration technology, meaning you can fill up from any non-salt water source. So just in case, you run out of water during your daily exercise, you’ll still be able to avoid unnecessary contact at the shops.


Online Shopping

Pretty much all of the supermarkets now offer online shopping as an option. Online shopping is very similar to shopping in a real supermarket in the sense that you simply log onto the supermarket’s website, browse the items available on their site, add your groceries to your ‘basket’ and continue to pay at the checkout. The only other action you will have to take is to select a delivery date and timeslot which you know you will be at your address for. This is a great way to avoid unnecessary contact during self-isolation and is something worth considering if you are someone who is at high-risk from the coronavirus.


Recipe Boxes

In recent years, growth in ‘recipe boxes’ from companies like  Hello Fresh has changed the way many people cook their dinner. These boxes work in a very similar way to online shopping, as you simply go onto their website, select your meals for the week and the ingredients along with cooking instructions are then delivered to your doorstep. As with online shopping, this is another good way to avoid unnecessary trips to the supermarket or having to venture outside the house for food.



Whether it’s keeping yourself, your housemates or your children entertained it’s going to be a much greater challenge during self-isolation with everyone having to stay indoors. So, we’ve put together a few ways you can keep yourself and whoever you are living with entertained whilst remaining in your home.


Films/ TV

Probably the first thing you may turn to is Netflix or Amazon Prime when you are having to stay home. This is a good way to stay inside and stay entertained, so if you’ve ever wanted to get into a series or film but haven’t found the time, now is the perfect time to do so. And, why not get into a series with your house-mates to make it a slightly more sociable activity within your house.


Board Games

Another way to keep you and your housemates and/ or family entertained for an evening or two is to get your board games out. This can be something fun to do and will get everyone in your household together. I’m sure we’ve all had games of monopoly that have seemed to last for weeks on end, so this can be a great way to pass the time and avoid the self-isolation boredom. Just try not to have too many arguments over them!




Despite not being able to leave your house due to social distancing, you can still have a virtual get together with your friends through the use of video calling apps. A great app for this is the House Party app. This app allows you to join your friends in a simple and easy video calling process in which you will able be able to talk to and see each other from your sofa. Plus, the app comes with built-in games that you can play with your friends to stay entertained for even longer.


Working from home

Another new challenge that you may be facing is having to work from home. For those that have never had to work from home before, this can be quick a shock and may well throw up some new challenges. As a result, we have included a couple of items you can use to help improve you working from home (WFM) experience. For more tips about how to work from home effectively check out these 23 essential tips to help you effectively work from home.



Slack is a great multi-purpose desktop and mobile app that you can use to effectively communicate with your colleagues whilst you all work from home. Slack allows you to communicate with colleagues both individually and in group chats or ‘channels’ which allow you to talk to all colleagues that are relevant to the conversation. Plus, Slack can integrate features such as Outlook, Zoom, and Google drive, meaning activities such as video calling and file-sharing can all be concentrated in one place.


White Noise Machine/ App – Cut out distractions

One of the biggest problems you may find while working from home is the ability to stay focussed. It can be a big distraction not being in an office or working environment, particularly when it’s a more casual environment like your own home. A great way to keep focus is through the use of a white noise machine. This can help you cut out any noisy distractions and focus on solely your work, helping improve your productivity while you are working from home.



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