What Minerals Are Typically Found in Drinking Water?

Water is essential to our daily lives for many reasons, from washing our hands to cleaning our clothes. Of course, one of the biggest reasons we rely on water is to keep ourselves energized and hydrated. Although you already know the benefits of water, do you know what minerals are typically found in drinking water?

What Minerals Are Typically Found in Drinking Water?

The Minerals

The translucent nature of clean water makes it seem like there are not a lot of extra particles in there, but various minerals are floating around in that bottle. For example, calcium is a mineral associated with maintaining strong bones. Likewise, the mineral potassium can help you maintain a healthy heart.

We can ingest these minerals and more from eating various foods, but our drinking water contains them, too. Common minerals in drinking water include calcium, magnesium, and sodium. Fluoride may also find its way into your water supply, but there are ways of eliminating it. For instance, our filter water bottlecan remove fluoride and many other contaminants but allows beneficial minerals such as sodium and magnesium to pass through leaving you with the healthiest water possible.

The Side Effects

Now that you know which minerals are typically found in drinking water, let’s answer another crucial question; do these minerals cause harmful side effects? Of course, minerals are essential to our dietary habits, helping our body thrive and survive daily. However, excessive calcium and magnesium in residential water systems can create “hard water.”

Hard Water

There are potential issues with hard water, but drinking it isn’t cause for concern. The impact of hard water typically includes scaling around sinks and faded clothes after washing, which is why water softeners exist. Thanks to water softeners, you can keep your home’s water system clean, which will impact all water sources around the house.

As you can see, the minerals in your water are typically a healthy addition, though some issues can occur if too much of any one mineral is present. Now, you can drink water with more confidence and knowledge.

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