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Safe drinking water for Mexico travelers

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Portable water purification filter bottles for safe drinking water anywhere in Mexico.

18.5oz/55cl Water Purifier Bottle – Eco-friendly Bioplastic – Ideal for the Responsible Traveler

Designed for toughness and durability. A great travel water bottle or outdoor water bottle for hiking, camping, and backpacking

Value Bundle: 18.5oz/55cl Water Purifier Bottle + Twin Pack Filters Eco-friendly Bioplastic – Ideal for the Responsible Traveler

Designed for athletes and athletic lifestyles. This sports water bottle is perfect for cyclists, mountain bikers and bikepackers

Is the water in Mexico safe to drink?

While water treatment, filtration, and purification have greatly improved in Mexico, the consensus among travel professionals and the Centers for Disease Control is that it is still not a good idea to drink ordinary tap water during your visit. Sanitation standards there are still different from what you are normally used to, and that’s why traveler’s tummy ad diarrhea is a risk. Exposure to bacteria, viruses, or parasites that might remain in the water can cause gastrointestinal upset and could ruin your Mexico vacation. it.

Several studies have documented the detection of aerobic and coliform bacteria in bottled water at counts that exceed national and international drinking water limits for human use.
Martínez Salgado. National Polytechnic Institute

Transform dirty water to pure water in seconds.

Just fill, replace lid and drink. No chemicals. No batteries. No plungers. No hassle. See our filter transform dirty water to pure water:

Equal to 400 single use plastic bottles.

A water purifier filter bottle is practical and sustainable. One 26oz/75cl Water-to-Go filter is equivalent to 400 single use plastic bottles. That is a lot of bottles not polluting our oceans and beaches.

More water, less weight.

While you on vacation the last thing you want is to haul around big bottles of water. With Water-to-Go you can refill your bottle at any tap (or stream, pond, lake) you find.

The water filter bottle trusted by travel professionals and 450,000 happy customers globally.

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