So, you’ve just received your new Water-to-Go bottle…. Now what?


Activate it.
You must activate your filter before using it but this is very simple to do. The filter needs to be wet thoroughly to activate the electropositive filtration technology.

  • The first time you use a new filter, fill the bottle to submerge the filter and let it soak for ten minutes.
  • Once you have done this, your filter will be activated and you will be ready to go.
  • If your bottle has not been used for a while and the filter is completely dry, reactivate using the same method.


Tilt it.
Tilt the bottle back when you drink so the bottom faces the sky, and gently suck to pull the water through the filter.  This will maximize the flow rate. Gently suck to pull water through the filter. If you are not familiar with water purifier bottles, the flow rate will be slower than ordinary bottles. This means the filter is doing its job of catching unhealthy contaminants as you drink.

Twist it.
If you detect a leak, the lid probably needs to be tightened a bit. Give it a gentle extra twist. If you detect a leak from the lid, you are likely squeezing too hard and forcing water through the breather valve. Gentle squeeze only.

Re-use it. Your Water-to-Go bottle can be used over and over.

  • One 25oz/75cl filter replaces 400 single-use plastic bottles. (Active 75cl, Active 60cl, Classic 75cl and Sugarcane 55cl bottles all have the larger 75cl filter.) 

Recycle it. 
Your new bottle is fully recyclable, as is the plastic shroud around the filter. The filter itself is compostable.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How does the bottle work? 

Water-to-Go bottles have a “Scoop-and Go” design that delivers pure water in seconds. Just fill, replace the lid snugly, and drink. The bottle filters water as you drink.  There is no need for chemicals, UV light, pumps or plungers.

What does Water-to-Go filter?

Water-to-Go’s unique 3-in-1 filter offers extreme protection from water-borne illness. The filter removes up to 99.9999% of illness-causing contaminants, including those as small as a virus. In lab tests, the filter has removed even the smallest of viruses like polio, which can be as small as .03 microns. The filter also removes bacteria, parasites (including giardia), chemicals (including PFAS “forever chemicals”), pesticides, heavy metals (lead, arsenic, chromium), and microplastics.  If there is something unsafe in your water, we likely remove it.  Water-to-Go has been proven in independent lab tests and by extreme adventurers who trust Water-to-Go on extreme adventures worldwide. 

What if I don’t use the bottle for a while?

In general, filter life is determined by use, not time. So if your bottle sits on a  shelf for months and the filter dries out, just reactivate the filter and you will be good to go.

How long does the filter last?

75cl/25oz Filter (Active 75cl, Active 60cl, Classic 75cl and Sugarcane 55cl bottles):

  • Filters 200 liters/53 gallons depending on use
  • Replaces 400 single-use plastic bottles
  • In general, you can fill up the 26oz/75cl filter water purifier bottle 2-3 times a day and the filter will last for 3 months.

As filter life comes to an end, the flow rate of the filter will slow, giving you a signal that it is time for the filter to be replaced. 

What is the bottle made of?

Water-to-Go bottles are made of FDA-approved BPA-free plastic. The body of sugarcane bottles is made from ethically harvested sugarcane.
All  bottles are reusable and fully recyclable. The filter itself is compostable. 

Can the bottles go in the dishwasher?  

All Active, Classic and Sugarcane bottles are dishwasher safe (bottle only – the lid is hand wash only).
In all cases, please ensure you remove the filter before cleaning.

Is Water-to-Go new?

Water-to-Go is a twelve-year-old British company. Our core guiding principle is to protect people and the planet by providing pure water free of single-use plastics.  A better bottle for a better world. Water-to-Go was recently introduced to the US and Canada. We have 500,000 happy customers around the globe. 

From all of us at Water-to-Go, thank you for your purchase. We wish you healthy adventures far and near.

Have fun and stay safe.