Protect your students from water-borne illness.

Studying abroad is an exciting opportunity for students to explore new cultures and gain valuable experiences. However, one of the challenges that students may face is access to safe drinking water. Unsafe drinking water can pose serious health risks, including the transmission of viruses (e.g, hepatitis), bacteria, and parasites.

With a water purifier bottle branded with your organization’s name, students can have peace of mind knowing that they are better protected against potential health hazards associated with unsafe drinking water.

Dansk Studie Center organizes group trips for students aged 18-30, combining community, travel experiences and education. Their study destinations include Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, Ecuador & Galapagos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Sri Lanka. Water-to-Go developed a custom-branded water purifier bottle that Dansk Studie Center now provides to their traveling students. The bottles provide pure water to protect students from illness without the environmental damage of using single use plastic bottles that pollute our planet.

Teach a lesson in sustainability.

Educators teach academic subjects, but also important life lessons that will shape students into responsible and conscious individuals. One such lesson that holds immense significance in today's world is sustainability.

A Water-to-Go water purifier bottle serves as an excellent example of how simple changes in our daily routines can have a significant impact. One filter replaces 400 single-use plastic bottles that would otherwise choke landfills and oceans. Empower your students to make informed choices that contribute towards a more sustainable future. 

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