Water Bottle with Filter. Family Value Bundle


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pure water anywhere

Pure Water Anywhere

remove viruses

Removes Viruses

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Long filter life

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Save $20. 4 bottles/filters equal to 1600 bottles of water.
A great deal for groups who travel and explore
* TRAVEL AND OUTDOOR MUST HAVE - Take safe, clean drinking water wherever you go! The perfect bottle with filter for travel, camping and backpacking trips. Thanks to its 25 fl ounce capacity, you can carry water wherever you go. It can purify any fresh water like tap but even lakes, rivers, and muddy water so you never lack safe clean drinking water in an emergency.
* PROTECTS YOU FROM TRAVEL SICKNESS - Avoid dysentery and travel related diseases. Filters viruses like Hepatitis A (most filter bottles do not remove viruses) plus bacteria, parasites, heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides. Get the assurance of safe clean water wherever you are!
* BEST WATER FILTER ON THE MARKET - Most filter bottles just use outdated carbon filters. Water-to-Go water filter bottles have an innovative triple layer filter that combines mechanical filtration, activated carbon and electropositive nanofiltration to ensure your drinking water is safe and clean.
* LAB PROVEN - Tested by four independent labs to verify that Water-to-Go filters contaminants as small as a virus.
* SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT - Say goodbye to single use plastic water bottles! Each filter replaces 400 single use plastic bottles. Explore anywhere without repeatedly buying bottles of water.  Save money and save the planet!
* GREAT FOR MEXICO, SE ASIA, AFRICA - Fill at any tap, anywhere, and have safe pure drinking water.

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